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How can I care for and wash alpaca products?

If you want to give your alpaca products freshness again after wearing them, simply hang them up on the balcony to air them out (in the humid morning air - not in the sun) or in the bathroom. – instead of washing. After just a few hours, any odors and wrinkles will disappear without a trace!

When washing, you should avoid using heat and too much detergent - these are actually the biggest enemies of alpaca wool. Alpaca wool should be washed either by hand or in the hand wash program of the washing machine - and it is best to use a gentle detergent for wool.

After washing, simply gently pull it into shape and ideally let it air dry. Under no circumstances should you hang it up, just lay it flat, otherwise the rope would warp and lose its shape. It is also important to avoid drying in the tumble dryer, otherwise the fiber structure will contract.

Alpaca duvets can only be washed in a special dry cleaner.

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