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About us and our enthusiasm for alpaca wool

In a world where comfort, health, and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, we would like to introduce you to our exclusive collection of products made from alpaca wool.
We are Thomas and Thomas - not related, but connected through our shared passion for alpacas and our years of friendship. We are the two managing directors of Alpaca Store Germany and passionate animal lovers.

Early on, we recognized the incredible properties of alpaca wool, which go far beyond its softness and warmth. The natural ability of alpaca wool to regulate body temperature, wick away moisture, and be hypoallergenic impressed us.

Excited by the great properties of alpaca wool, we began our search for the best manufacturers and a way to offer the rare and relatively expensive alpaca fiber at a fair price.

After countless product tests, visits to manufacturers and breeders, our idea became a reality - a wide product portfolio with a large selection that embodies ethical responsibility and environmental awareness at the same time.

Our online shop is an invitation to discover our unique products and explore the extraordinary world of bedding made from alpaca wool.

Warm regards
Thomas & Thomas

Origin & Animal Welfare

In addition to quality, the origin of the wool and animal welfare are our top priorities as an independent sales platform. Wool produced under shameful and undignified conditions has no place in our shop. To ensure animal welfare, our external employees regularly visit breeders and inspect the conditions on site. Fortunately, alpacas are generally kept very lovingly. They spend the whole day on extensive pastures and are only sheared once a year. The annual shearing is a kind of relief for the animals, as they do not suffer from heat build-up in the summer and their fur does not become matted.

Admission criteria

The inclusion of new products is subject to strict rules that must be met before they are placed in our shop. We only focus on products of the highest possible quality. The criteria for including new products are:

  • Proven fair production
  • Appropriate animal husbandry
  • No products from China and the Far East
  • All goods undergo a strict quality check by Alpaka-Store.de before they land in the shop

Only through these criteria can we offer you as an end consumer our products with a clear conscience.


We are a sustainable shop with the goal of keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible. That's why we focus on sustainable packaging and CO2-neutral shipping. Unfortunately, there are still too few breeders in Germany to offer a wide range of alpaca products and to be able to deliver at all times. That's why you will also find many products from Peru in our shop, which have excellent quality. Fortunately, the proportion of products from Germany is increasing more and more. To keep CO2 emissions from transportation as low as possible, we only order in large quantities from Peru a few times a year.

Compared to conventional fashion, alpaca products have a significantly longer lifespan. Once a product is purchased, it can often be used for a lifetime.