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Our Brands

On this page you will find an overview of all the brands we offer in our online shop. Feel free to browse and learn more about their company philosophy and much more!

Apu Kuntur

At Apu Kuntur, traditional craftsmanship merges with modern European fashion design. The family business in Cusco, Peru produces exclusive and high-quality clothing and accessories made from alpaca. You can see and feel their many years of experience and excellent quality in every garment in their extensive range.


KUNA is a high-quality clothing brand that uses traditional Peruvian textile methods to create modern garments.


Millwa is a German-Peruvian family business with the same brand name. It specializes in the production of high-quality knitwear made from alpaca fiber. Within the production portfolio, you will find a wide range of accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, etc. but also sweaters, cardigans, lined jackets, and coats.

Alpaca Exclusive

In the areas where the majestic Andes and the impressive Alps meet, the enchanting world of Alpaca Exclusive unfolds. Their passion is dedicated to processing the finest alpaca fibers. Exquisite, silky soft products are created in lovingly selected and verified establishments in Peru, inviting you to feel good.

Al's World

On the idyllic grounds of the former cattle farm of the Mock family in St. Ulrich near Steyr/Upper Austria, Al's World lovingly takes care of their alpaca herd. With dedication and care, they operate an exemplary alpaca breeding program to provide their animals with a happy and fulfilling life.

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