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Alpaca Store Germany

High-quality products from happy alpacas.

At our store you will find high-quality alpaca products from Germany and Peru for the whole family.

Our Alpaca Duvets

Sleep well and wake up refreshed

Enthusiasm for alpaca products - Why alpaca products are so popular

Alpacas are very soft and warm animals. In addition, their wool is very pleasant to wear as it consists of hollow fibers. Alpaca wool is very thin, so it can be processed into very thin fabrics. They have temperature-regulating properties and are much more comfortable to wear than other materials.

Alpacas produce a soft, warm fur that does not itch or cause problems. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it contains almost no lanolin. Alpaca fur also does not get dirty or matted.

Due to their excellent thermal properties, our own Alpaca duvets are becoming increasingly popular.

Products made from baby alpaca

Baby alpaca wool does not come from small alpaca babies. Instead, it comes from adult alpacas with very fine fibers. Even more high-quality and therefore more expensive is Royal Alpaca.

Today, alpaca wool is valued by designers around the world as one of the most luxurious natural wool fibers and is finding more and more uses.

Until a few years ago, cashmere was considered the finest wool quality, but many experts are discovering the soft and elegant natural fiber of alpacas. Cashmere was long considered the finest type of wool, but alpaca wool is softer and finer than cashmere.

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