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Join us on our journey towards more sustainability

We want to create a more transparent, sustainable future together with you.

Here we show you how to achieve this.


We want to protect our environment by making our packaging materials as sustainable as possible.

Shipping Boxes

It may happen from time to time that we ship your items in previously used boxes to minimize packaging waste. Rest assured, we make sure that your goods arrive undamaged and safely despite using recycled boxes.


Delivery of your items may result in increased emissions and waste. That's why we ship our products using DHL GoGreen.

The emissions generated by shipping are offset by investments in global climate protection projects.

Additionally, we try to minimize individual deliveries from abroad as much as possible, meaning we consolidate shipments to save CO2. Therefore, some products may have longer delivery times.

Sustainable Material: Alpaca Wool

Due to the durability of the products and the natural dirt repellent properties, products made from alpaca wool are good for you and the environment.

What can you do?

Extend the joy of your clothing by helping it live longer.

Even though it may seem simple, this measure can effectively reduce your ecological footprint.

Alpaca wool: Less washing

Most items made of alpaca wool do not need to be washed. Simply airing them out in fresh air is usually sufficient.

This helps to keep the clothing looking beautiful for longer and minimizes the need for washing cycles.

Questions? We are here for you!

You can contact us by email or phone:

Email: service@alpaka-store.de

Phone: 07032 / 35 96 747