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Apu Kuntur

At Apu Kuntur, traditional craftsmanship merges with modern European fashion design. The family business in Cusco, Peru produces exclusive and high-quality clothing and accessories made from alpaca. You can see and feel their many years of experience and excellent quality in every piece of clothing in their extensive range.

Social Responsibility and Fair Conditions

Apu Kuntur places great emphasis on fair conditions in their trade relationships. In their family production facility in Cusco, Peru, they produce in accordance with Fair Trade guidelines. Employees not only receive fair wages and above-average social benefits, but also communal meals.

The company also maintains close, partnership-based relationships with its many retailers in Europe.

Questions? We are here for you!

You can contact us by email or phone:

Email: service@alpaka-store.de

Phone: 07032 / 35 96 747