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What is special about alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is one of the finest and highest quality fibers in the world. The reason for this is the particularly soft structure and the light wearing comfort, which our customers also rave about.

The special thing about alpaca wool is the thermal properties of the fibers. The hollow fiber can store heat particularly well and release it easily when you sweat. This is particularly important for duvets, for example. In summer you often sweat in cotton blankets and down and often don't know how much of your body you should cover with the blanket. Thanks to the ingenious fiber, alpaca duvets release excess heat to the outside and thus ensure a pleasant and restful sleep.

Another advantage of alpaca wool and alpaca products is that they are odorless. Alpaca wool does not absorb any odors and is generally very durable. For the reasons mentioned, alpaca wool has a particularly long shelf life.

The most important properties of alpaca wool:

  • Fine & long fibers
  • Excellent heat retention
  • temperature regulating
  • protects against wind and cold
  • cuddly
  • soft
  • odorless
  • easy-care
  • durable
  • well tolerated by allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for baby clothes

Are you also enthusiastic about the positive properties of alpaca fiber? Then take a look at our high-quality alpaca products .

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