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Urbanara is more than just an interior brand. With a unique approach, the company combines natural materials and masterful craftsmanship to create home accessories of unparalleled quality.

Natural materials:

Urbanara attaches great importance to the use of natural and sustainable materials. From fine wool to pure linen to soft cotton - each product is carefully selected to bring a feeling of connection to nature and comfort into your home.

Timeless beauty:

Her designs are characterized by timeless elegance and simple beauty. The company consciously focuses on modern, but timeless aesthetics that fit seamlessly into various furnishing styles and always remain current. This means their products become timeless companions that you will love for many years to come.

Direct collaboration:

As a brand with clear quality standards, Urbanara works directly with its own manufacturers, without going through intermediaries. This close collaboration allows them to control production processes and ensure that their standards of quality, craftsmanship and sustainability are met.

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