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About us and our enthusiasm for alpaca wool

Welcome to the world of alpaca products! With us you will find high-quality alpaca goods selected according to strict criteria. We only offer products from happy alpacas and receive support from the fairest and most sustainable producers worldwide.

We were excited about alpacas from the first minute. When we came into contact with alpacas for the first time, we couldn't believe that this unknown animal species had such incredibly great wool properties. It was immediately clear to us: We want to make alpacas and their fine fiber known and make them available to everyone in the form of hats, duvets and other products. We have both been very close to nature since we were children and are very happy that we can share our enthusiasm for alpacas with you.

Origin & animal welfare

In addition to quality, for us as an independent sales platform, the origin of the wool and animal welfare are our top priority. Wool that is produced under shameful and undignified conditions has no place in our shop. In order to ensure animal welfare, our field staff regularly visit the breeders and check the conditions on site. Fortunately, alpacas are generally very lovingly cared for. They spend the whole day in spacious meadows and are only sheared once a year. The annual shearing is a kind of liberation for the animals, as they do not suffer from heat build-up in the summer and their fur does not become matted.

Admission criteria

The inclusion of new products follows strict rules that must be met before they are placed in our shop. We only rely on products with the highest possible quality. The inclusion criteria for new products are:

  • Proven fair production
  • Animal Welfare
  • No products from China or the Far East
  • All goods are subjected to a strict quality check by Alpaka-Store.de before they end up in the shop

Only through these criteria can we offer our products to you as the end consumer with a clear conscience.


We are a sustainable shop with the aim of keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible. That's why we rely on sustainable packaging and CO2-neutral shipping. Unfortunately, there are still too few breeders in Germany to be able to offer a wide range of alpaca products and be able to deliver them at any time. That's why you'll find many products from Peru in our shop that are of excellent quality. Fortunately, the proportion of products coming from Germany is increasing. To keep CO2 emissions from transportation as low as possible, we only order in bulk from Peru a few times a year.

Alpaca products have a significantly longer shelf life compared to conventional fashion. Once you buy a product, you can often use it for the rest of your life.