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Alpaca Hike

Overview of alpaca hikes

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Alpaca hikes


Pointnerhof Alpacas & Llamas 85664 Hohenlinden
  • Alpaca hikes
  • Corporate events & team building
  • Animal-assisted occupational therapy
  • Children's birthdays
  • Themed events
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Alpaca hikes





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Doe Alpaca Farm

68309 Mannheim

Alpaca hikes info@alpakamustermann.de


5 beautiful things about an alpaca hike

  1. Nature: Alpaca hikes usually take place in beautiful, rural areas that offer the opportunity to enjoy nature in a special way.
  2. Relaxation: The alpacas' leisurely pace and peaceful surroundings make your hike a relaxing experience.
  3. Interaction with animals: Alpacas are very social animals and there is the opportunity to feed them, pet them and even take selfies with them during the hike.
  4. Exercise in the fresh air: An alpaca hike is a great way to exercise outside and enjoy nature at the same time.
  5. Unique experience: An alpaca hike is a unique experience that you don't have every day and that you will surely remember.

How much does an alpaca hike cost??

The price for an alpaca hike varies depending on the provider and location. Prices are usually between 20 and 50 euros per person. Some breeders also offer packages for families or groups at reduced prices.

Can you ride an alpaca??

Please don't! Alpacas are not bred to be ridden by humans, nor do they have the same body structure as horses that allows them to be used as mounts. Instead, alpacas are typically taken for walks or hikes where participants accompany them and walk alongside them. It is important to consider the alpacas' needs and abilities and always put their safety and well-being first.

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